Accessorial Services

Full Service Packing

Movers will provide shipper with furniture blanket pads as well as custom packing for TV, glass, mirror, marble, lamps, curios, china cabinets, breakable furnitures, computer monitors, pictures, vanity tables, glass shelves, display cabinets, frames, artwork, mattresses, and box springs.

The allotted boxes on the inventory list are also provided with the packaging of such boxes to fill with all small items and articles that fit into a box.

Exclusive use of the vehicle

Individual shipper may request exclusive use of the moving van (Typically a 26 foot box truck.) or the moving truck (Typically a 53 foot tractor trailer.). Please check with us on availability and pricing of such situations.


As is standard in the full service moving industry, the use of stairs at pickup or drop off can be handled by your carrier. Typically there is an added cost for the 3rd floor or above. Ask your representative about any circumstances surrounding the use of stairs and staircases.


Elevator use at both pickup and drop off can be utilized. Shippers should let us know if we need to make use of elevators on both ends or if a reservation needs to be made beforehand for a freight elevator.

Long Carry

As is standard in the full service moving industry, your carrier will safely and professionally physically carry household goods articles to and from the moving van or truck. Please make us aware of any special circumstances regarding the length of the carry. It is very typical for carriers to have a 75 foot policy on how much distance a standard move carry should be before it is considered an accessorial service.

Appliance Servicing

Your large appliances may have an addition fee. This is dependant on the carrier and exactly what services would be needed to safely and adeptly transport the large appliance. Please inform us of any special circumstances regarding large appliances and any additional services that may be needed to transport for this special situation. This applies to large or complex appliances.


Storage in Transit is a wonderful feature to have when moving long distance. Up to 60% of our customers have used the service in the past! Whether you are looking for a new place to call home or waiting for a home to be available, your carrier will typically offer up to 30 days of free indoor storage. Your articles are then re-delivered from storage to your new place in a timely manner.

We ask that you let us know once you are informed of when the drop off will be available to accept delivery for us to send it in as much of a timely matter as possible. Please also ask about rates and availability for storage that would exceed 30 days. Your carrier will typically provide you with a lower cost plan than if you were to store it yourself and hire movers again for the redelivery.


Make sure to inform us as to when you will be first available to accept your shipments! As is typical in the moving industry, the shipper may be charged a re-delivery fee if they are unavailable to receive the property during the first attempt to deliver household goods. This is commonly a very special circumstance as we provide courtesy calls before drop off as well as initially ask each shipper when the first available date to accept delivery would be.


Certain household goods can be specially prepared by cardboard panels that are form-fitted to provide added protection. Please inform us if you feel such a service might be suitable for a particular article or piece. Crating is typically used for items that cannot fit in boxes but need added protection.

Third Party Servicing

There are some items that may need a third party service to prepare, secure, or install. Some items require specialists to service them that our out of the means of a licensed mover. Generally this items might include: slate top pool tables, hot tubs, large safes, large trampolines, and extremely complex or heavy items that may require a forklift crew. Ask us about any circumstances that may require such specialized services.

Bulky Items

Large and bulky items pose an added complexity to the move as they do not uniformly stack in a moving truck and many times must be specially packed. As is typical among household goods motor carriers, there may be an added cost to specially handle and prepare bulky items to safely move them. Such items could be kayaks, canoes, small watercraft, basketball hoops, large exercise equipment, and mechanical beds.

Unpacking/ Disposal

Please ask us about our unpacking services as they are available to you if needed at drop off. This service is rarely used but we do provide it for any circumstance where it would be advantageous to the individual shipper.

Disposal of items may be provided by your carrier although on a case by case basis. For the most part movers do not like to dispose of large items but we understand certain situations arise. Make us aware beforehand so we can attempt to get definite answers on this added service of disposal for your move day.

Extra Stop At Pickup/Delivery

Quite commonly, shippers require multiple pickup or drop-off locations. Whether at a home, apartment, storage, or office, we can have your carrier route any extra stops you may need within a reasonable radius of the moving route. This is on a case by case basis so please make us aware of such circumstances to plan them ahead of time.

Shuttle Service

Very rarely, the shipper might be in an area where the use of a moving truck is not allowed or would be unsafe. Such areas include: areas of sloping elevation, developments or HOA’s that do not allow moving trucks, very busy roads, dirt roads, gravel roads, tight mountain roads, central and major metropolitan areas (Manhattan for example).

Shuttles on pickup are almost always at no added cost to the shipper. Shuttle service on delivery may have an added cost on a case by case basis that is mostly dependant on the size of your shipment.